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Three words describe the Ohio Recording Company’s Studio A design; intuitive, comfortable, and inspiring.

ORC API Console.jpeg

   The centerpiece of the Studio A control room is a fully analog API 1608 recording console. The room also features outboard gear from elite brands such as Universal Audio, SSL, and AMS Neve to name a few. Barefoot Audio MicroMain27’s provide accurate monitoring and deliver an enjoyable experience for artists and engineers.

"With thousands of hits recorded on hundreds of API consoles, the 1608 is continuing the tradition of providing warm, analog sound to the next generation of success-driven professionals." -

   The main live room is a spacious area featuring a 20 foot vaulted ceiling, three isolation booths, and an observation area for pictures, spectators, or students. An intuitive studio layout allows musicians to record the way they want to. Acoustically the space has been designed to achieve a live feel ready for full band performances or from-the-ground-up productions. Custom input panels installed by Nashville’s Skinny Fish Audio provide a reliable and professional experience for engineers and musicians.

Contact us with your project details to receive an accurate estimate and come see for yourself!

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