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Songwriter Showcase

   The ORC Songwriter Showcase strives to create memorable content by providing audio and video services to artists in this unique venue. Each showcase hosts up to 3 artists sharing their crafted works in front of a live studio audience. The performances are filmed and recorded to capture exclusive content. In addition to posting on social media streams such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, we have partnered with Buckeye Cable Arts Network show, Rise Up to increase content reach.

   In 2018, an ORC showcase video aired on NBC's, The Voice during a segment for show contestant, Stephanie Skipper. Performing under the moniker Copperlily, Stephanie and Tim Skipper appeared at the conception of the ORC Songwriter Showcase in 2015.

   Are you a songwriter who would like to be featured at a showcase? Please send us some information about yourself. We would like to know where you are from, where we can hear your music (website, social media links, etc.), and the best way to reach you (phone, email, text, etc.).

Thanks! Message sent.

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